Haltbakk Bunkers AS primary mode of delivery is from seagoing bunker barges. The company has also a number of self-service jetties equipped with special ATM-controlled tanks from which small vessels and suitably equipped vehicles are able to purchase EN590 diesel and gasoline. These are located in Bud, Kristiansund, Smøla, Aure, Bessaker, Moskenes and Fjelldal.

Haltbakk Bunkers AS operates seven barges in total. Three small barges (Grip Tank 200m3, Grip Bunker 190m3 and Grip Solar 185 m3) and four large barges (Haltbakk Bergen 930 m3, Haltbakk Viking 780 m3, Steinar Haltbakk 720 m3 and Haltbakk Bunker 430 m3).

Haltbakk Bunkers AS has a small tank storage facility Stathav VII, a floating storage barge, Grip Fast, in Kristiansund as well as a large tank farm at Fjelldal in Central Norway. Additionally, we are able to draw on oil suppliers from third party tank facilities at 14 different locations along the Norwegian coastline.