Bunker barge

Haltbakk Bunkers AS primary method of delivery is by sea with tankers. Haltbakk Bunkers does also own a fleet of tank trucks that are allocated throughout Norway. These trucks can supply onshore industries. We have self-service piers and docks equipped with fully automated card stations with tanks where smaller to medium-sized vessels and other vehicles can buy marine diesel, EN590 diesel and fuel. These are located in Bud, Kristiansund, Smøla, Aure, Bessaker, Moskenes og Fjelldal.

Haltbakk Bunkers AS has a small bunker storage facility, Stathav VII, a floating bunker station (Grip Fast) in Kristiansund. We also have a larger bunker station at Fjelldal. We can also collect products from our partner’s storage facilities.

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