We strive to become a one-stop-shop for our customers. Thus we arrange deliveries  along the entire Norwegian coast. Our main products are: fuel, lubricants, detergents, UREA etc.

We are always able to deliver every product in a single delivery. We have local storages in Bergen, Oslo, Kristiansund og Fjelldal.

We have terminals along the coast, if you prefer to collect bunkers from a terminal. In addition to our bunker barges, we can also offer delivery by land with tank trucks.

You can check out our department Haltbakk Chartering, which has over 90 years of experience within shipping, brokerage, chartering and more. Check out haltbakkchart.no for more info.

We can also provide deliveries outside of Norway. Our network consist of 15 local offices spread across the world. This provides us with the opportunity to receive competitive prices and safe trading.


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Gasoline unleaded 95

lubricants, detergents

anti corrosive chemicals



Haltbakk Bunkers AS provides different well-known brands and products. We will always tailor orders after the customer needs.

We transport our own fuel (MGO 0,05% og 0,1%, EN 590-autodiesel 0,01%, bio fuel, gasoline og chemicals). In addition to buying and selling, we use our bunker barges to deliver products on behalf of bulk wholesellers.

Some of the brands we provide: Texaco-Chevron, Mobil1, Shell, Total, Circle K, St1, Baldwin Filters, Strovels, AdProline, Panolin, Vickers, and more.

Orders can be done via e-mail [email protected] or by calling us at +47 926 85 941.