Tank trucks

Haltbakk Bunkers AS primary method of delivery is by sea with tankers. Haltbakk Bunkers has their own fleet of tank trucks that are allocated throughout Norway. These trucks can supply onshore industries.

Due to the tank trucks allocated in different areas in Norway, we can deliver to ships, construction machines and smaller tanks on shore.

We have our own tank trucks in strategic areas, as well as cooperation with other actors to cover areas where we currently do not have our own tank trucks available.

For customers with larger volumes, we are happy to look at a possible fixed price agreement, in order to make orders easier and give the customer reassurance that you always have secured a solid price.

Tank truck

What our tank trucks deliver:

• Fuel to marine/onshore industry, entrepreneurs and agriculture.

• Fuel oil

• BIO fuel oil, Fame and HVO

• Lubricants: Multiple brands, eg. Texaco og Mobil

• Lubricants, detergents etc

• Ad Blue / UREA for NOX reduction in machines


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