Haltbakk Bunkers delivers fuel to marine and land-based industries of all kinds. Whether it is green and renewable energy or traditional solutions, we are there by boat or car to serve the whole of Norway’s needs.

We deliver everything from MGO, DMA og EN590 (autodiesel) to more environmentally friendly solutions such as BIO Diesel, White MGO, LNG og Hydrogen.

Today, we transport BIO fuel along the entire coast and supplement marine as well as land-based industry with green and renewable fuel.

Our boats then supplement other boats, terminals and tank trucks with BIO for redistribution.

With our capacity of 10 tankers, we are never far away and can handle inquiries at short notice.

Today, we deliver marine to everything from fish farms to larger oil rigs and cruise ships.

As a forward-thinking and innovative company, we always try to stay up to date on trends in fuel and encourage our customers to get in touch if new needs arise that we do not cover today.

We work closely with our customers to assist with the transport of all types of fuel and our fleet can be quickly adapted to the market’s needs for other types of fuel.

An example of a greener alternative that requires minimal adjustment is White MGO. This is an environmentally friendly MGO compared to traditional MGO.

In short, White MGO has the same application as MGO (500 PPM) but reduces CO2 emissions by 12-15%, NOX emissions by 20% and particles by more than 80%.

This leads to a cost reduction for our customers in relation to the CO2 tax and provides a greener profile for the company.

To achieve these results, the MGO is supplied with 13% water as well as distillates which cause the oil to attract the water particles rather than repel.

Ordres can be sent by e-mail [email protected] or by phone +47 926 85 941.


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